Rethink Social Media – Book Review

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Why read this book?

If you are thinking about starting an online business but not sure how to go about it, then I would recommend reading Rethink Social Media by Paul O’Mahony. If you already have an online business but you are not making the most of social media then this book is a must buy!

By its very nature an online business will involve have some form of online presence, which could be a website, a blog, an e commerce shop. However, with over 3 billion people using social media sites many businesses have set up pages on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat for example.

Therefore, social media should be playing a big part in your online business set up and reading the book will provide a valuable insight on how to maximise the benefits of these social networks.

What is Rethink Social Media All About?

The book is structure around the word Rethink, which breaks down as follows:

Right Niche – how to find the right niche

Evaluate Who Your Ideal People Are – know and understand your audience

Rethink Model

Target the Right Traffic – making sure you place your message in front of the right people

Help For Free – the need to help people and making the initial help free

Immediate Upsell – once you have established trust upsell the help

Nurture Your List – as you build your email list maintain communication and build a relationship

Know your numbers – it’s your business so make sure you monitor your performance.

What is Social Media?

The book starts with a chapter all about social media, and how it’s appeal for social interaction is increasing year-on-year. It provides some useful insight to how these social media sites have taken over form conventional media like television newspapers and magazines and how they have developed over the past ten years.

One of the many aims of using social media is about building a community and how this will become your audience for your message, a place where you can answer people’s questions, provide helpful advice and hopefully solve people’s problems.

The chapter concludes by stating that social media is not a place for just chatting with friends and family it should be an integral part of any online business.

Why do businesses fail and the unprecedented opportunity?

Chapter two discusses why business often fail and the reasons behind the failures. There is discussion about traditional business, such as, ‘bricks and Mortar’ businesses like retail shops, restaurants and convenience stores and how the investment in these types of business is much greater than starting an online equivalent business.

The section on the unprecedented opportunity makes the case that modern online businesses are now more concerned with how to solve other people’s problems than focusing on the products they have to offer.

The Rethink Model

A substantial section of the book is focused on explaining the rethink model in greater detail and this is where most of the value of this book is contained.

Finding the right niche – this is portrayed as an important first step into the online business world. You may not need to be stuck with you first choice niche for life, but it is important to pick something that your are passionate about. However, you must ensure that you chose a niche in an area where people want the solutions you offer and are willing to pay for them.

Targeting the right traffic – this part of the book discusses how to find the right people who hang around on social media sites that will be suitable for your business. It talks about using paid adverts on these social media platforms and that if you are not targeting your adverts at the right traffic, you will just waste your money.

Helping people for free – this section is all about how to build your customer database. In order to obtain a potential customers email address you will need to offer them something in exchange such as a free gift. The more valuable the free gift the more likely you are going to attract a lot more interested.

The Immediate Upsell – once you have started to collect names and email addresses you will then be able to communicate regularly with your growing audience. Through a process known as ‘email marketing’ you can offer customers in your database further valuable help only this time the help will command a fee.

Nurturing the list – covers the need for regular contact with your email list in order to develop your relationship and build trust. Once the relationship develops it will be possible to commence the promotion of your higher ticket products and/or services.

Know your numbers – the final step in the rethink model is all about analysing performance data. For example, you should be analysing the performance of your social media adverts to see how much it is costing to acquire a customer. If an advert costs you $10 and you acquire 5 customers, it would look like each customer cost $2. However, if two of those 5 made $10 purchases the cost of those customers would be much less than you paid for the initial advert so you many decide to continue with the ad! However, if the numbers show a zero return for a $10 advert you may need to change the advert.

The value of Social Media to your business

The book certainly demonstrates how to gain value from using social media. It also provides some very helpful guidance on more advanced strategies like how to build your value ladder and convert it in to a successful sales funnel.

The concepts and methods depicted in the book have earned the author, Paul O’Mahony, tens of millions of dollars and he is now highly regarded as a leading social media expert.

I have attended a number of Paul O’Mahony’s training courses and he is a truly inspirational speaker. I started my own journey in to the world of home based online business with thanks to Paul’s excellent training and support. The content of the book provides the foundations for the course I attended so its well worth reading before attending.Paul OMahony And Me

In my opinion the book is an excellent read for anyone starting or growing an online business. It can be used as a reference book for new starters and for those with existing businesses it will show you how to get the best out of social media and grow your online income.

Paul’s strap line for the book is “stop wasting time. Start earning money” and this book will surely help.

Order your copy now – Rethink Social Media – By Paul O’Mahony.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the review of the book – Rethink Social Media, or you would like to make a comment, please use the box below.

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