Great Online Business Ideas – Simple Businesses To Start From Home.

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Who would like to live more and work less?

Would you like a change of lifestyle? Are you fed up with your corporate job? Then why not consider starting an online business from home?

Starting an online business from home requires much less risk than investing your hard-earned capital in a bricks-and-mortar store or out of town offices. The other advantages of an online business is you can reach more potential customers (over 3 billion online), work from anywhere and make a significant income without very large overheads.

In this article I briefly discuss ten great online business ideas that you can start from home in your free time with very little money.

The ten online business ideas I will describe are:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Selling your own products
  3. Building Applications
  4. Buying and Selling Domains
  5. Stock and Forex Trading
  6. Social Media Consultancy
  7. Expert Blogging
  8. Writing and eBooks
  9. Online Marketing
  10. Webinars

Can you become an online entrepreneur?

There are lots of predictions about how consumer habits are changing, and you will be able to spot this impact when you visit the high street and see numerous shops closing down as consumers continually shop online. Some experts predict that by 2020 some 85% of all transactions will be carried out online!

Therefore, with some basic website and marketing skills along with some know-how in your chosen niche you will be able to launch an online business within a matter of months. Have a read of the following online business ideas and set your entrepreneurial self free!

1. Affiliate Marketing – why not promote other people products.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to build a successful online business. You do not need to buy any stock, you don’t have to create any products of your own and you don’t need to doing any shipping, yet it is possible to make a substantial income from promoting other company’s products.

Affiliate Marketing Picture

An Affiliate Marketeer receives a commission for selling a company’s products through channels like social media or your own website. For example, you can sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate and sell any of the millions of products from the Amazon website to your own audience.

The commission can vary from company to company. For example, Amazon pays between 5% to 8 %, but there are many other companies that will pay commission in excess of 50%. Your key role as an Affiliate Marketeer is a matchmaker, you will need to be able to match the products to interested buyers.

If you are completely new to the concept of Affiliate Marketing, then I would strongly recommend undertaking some training. Many of the excellent training providers will show you how to build your online business whilst you are undertaking the training.

2. Sell your own products – sell your skills or your products online.

If you have creative skills you could use your talents to create designs for calendars, books, T-Shirts, Hats, Bags, Posters, Travel Guides, Cakes, Interiors and so on. You could market your designs to the mass of online businesses via your own website and social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Website applications like WordPress with their thousands of templates make it so easy that you don’t need a lot of knowledge or skill to produce a very professional looking website.

If you are able to make your own products you can market these products on your own website. There are many website themes within WordPress that will guide on how to build and step up your very own online store.

3. Build Applications – smartphones are everywhere, do you have an app idea?

With the growing smartphone and tablet market people are using countless apps every day. The demand for more and more apps is growing. Do you have a great idea for an app burning away inside your head?


You don’t need to hire a bunch of expensive developers to turn your app dream in to reality because there are numerous app building programs out on the internet that can help turn your idea in to the next big seller in the android and apple app stores.

With some good planning and meticulous work the process of developing an app is relatively straightforward and the cost can be very low. Once the app is approved and in the store you can give it away free and make a very nice passive income from the advert revenue. Remember there are no shipping or storage costs with this type of product!

4. Domain Names – do you like buying and selling?

It take very little time nor investment to earn a good income from buying and selling domain names. You can purchase a domain name at the registration price and then resell it at a profit.

Website Domains

Doing your research is key to this online business idea, you will need to check on the auction websites like flippa or sedo.co.uk to understand what names are popular with the market. A good tip is to look at the terminated lists that offer expired domain names that have now become available for purchase once again.

Flipping domain names for a profit can be very lucrative but will require some capital. To secure some of the most sort after names such as Hotel.com or Business.com. you will need millions of dollars.

However just remember that since 2013 over 180 million domain names have been registered with very few actually being used! Many of these domains are being held by domain flippers who will be open to reselling to new buyers.

5. Stocks and Forex – would you like to be a trader?

Many people consider joining the stock and foreign exchange markets to be very risky. However, if you start out small and learn the ropes through good research you will gain the type of knowledge and experience that can potentially earn you a sizeable profit from trading.

Trading Stocks Picture

The successful trader’s goal is to recognise, through good monitoring systems, which currencies and stocks are most like to increase or decrease in value. Once you have learn’t the principles and strategies of the markets the more money you will make.

These markets are huge and to give you some idea of the potential the securities market trades about $22 billion a day whereas the foreign exchange market is about $5 trillion a day!

You don’t need a very big percentage point of those markets to make a nice income! However, it requires specialist knowledge and I would suggest taking a look at this website ‘how to trade Forex‘ if trading is of interest to you.

6. Social Media – would you like to be a consultant?

With over 3 billion regular users of social media many businesses need to take social media marketing very seriously. Many small to large corporation have created social media pages to promote their businesses, but are they doing enough?

Business Strategy

If you have good social media skills you are likely to be in demand as many of the businesses on social media are not taking full advantage of advertising potential afforded by the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As an expert in social media you will be able to steer your clients in the right direction by implementing; schedules for regular posts, marketing tactics and determining the target audience for example. Once you can demonstrate your results of helping one business grow their profits you will be able to grow your own!

7. Blogging – do you have something to say?

If you have excellent knowledge of a subject and are willing to share it via a blog you will be able earn a steady income from your site. Creating a blog does not require a great deal of website knowledge nor technical skills. Blogging application such as Blogger created by Google make it very easy, even for the most novice of technophobes, to get started.

Blogging Picture

You don’t even need to be a great writer to create a really interesting blog. Your aim as a blogger is to communicate to your audience just like you would if you were talking to a friend about a hobby that you are passionate about.

Over time your audience will develop a trust and will regularly drop in to your site for an update. As you build this audience and gain their trust you will be able to recommend solutions to problems and this is where you will have the opportunity to make money.

However, remember blogging is all about advice and knowledge sharing first and monetising second.

8. eBooks – Are you a writer?

If you are not keen on maintaining a blog but you have a passion for writing you will be in demand by other bloggers or you could you use your writing skills to create eBooks.

eBook Reader

Reading books digitally is becoming increasing popular and some of the best-selling titles are now outselling the paperback versions.

eBooks offer the new writer very many benefits compared to the traditional process involved with printed books. With ebooks you do not need a publishing house, you do not need a print run, stock or shipping costs.

Once your eBook is published and in an online store such as Amazon Kindle the income can flow in passively from every sale. You would be able to do some low-cost promotion of your book using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Overall creating an eBook is a low cost way of showcasing your writing talents.

9. Online Marketing – become great at SEO

Once a website has been built with all its content or a blog has been established with regular posts containing valuable content then you need to concentrate on building the audience.

Search Engine Optimisation Picture

One of the ways to grow an audience organically (ie not using pay per click ads) is through the use of search engine optimisation (SEO) If you learn about SEO and become an expert in the field you will have the potential to earn a very handsome income.

All online businesses need traffic (the word for website visitors) and these companies are willing to pay for the SEO expertise.

If you build your own website or run a blog you will need to develop these skills if you wish to be successful online. I suggest you take a look at this article for further information on this subject if you wish to become an SEO expert.

10. Webinars – do you like to talk?

If you like communicating verbally with your customers, but you don’t want to have to leave you home/office then webinars are just the tonic for you.

Webinar Sales

Webinars allows you to enter a virtual hotel conference room packed out with hundreds of warm prospects waiting to hear your message.

You do not need to appear in person you can display your PowerPoint slides as you talk to your online audience, or you can show your audience a brief film about your product or service. You can even invite your online audience to ask questions, which they will type into a box ready for response.

This is a great way of making dozens of ‘one-to-one’ presentations all at once. You will have the time to tell a back story about your product, demonstrate how it will solve the buyer’s problems and explain all the benefits.

Webinars have the potential to produce a year’s salary in a couple of hours!

If you want to see how good webinars are at generating sales, then sign up for one and sit back watch it all unfold.

The internet is full of opportunities

The internet is full of money-making opportunities, but I would caution anyone to do a thorough assessment of the opportunity before diving in. There will be an online business opportunity that will suit most people’s needs and the list above represents just a small sample.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions about online business opportunities, or you would like to make a comment, please use the box below.

Malcolm Priestner

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