Generating traffic for your online business, some simple steps!

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When you have gone through all the trouble of starting your online business, such as, picking a business model, deciding on a niche, creating your products and building a website, the next thing you need is to be able to generate traffic, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain.

There are many ways of generating traffic for your online business, such as, paid ads, social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) to name a few. However, before you rush off and start placing ads and posting on Facebook or Twitter, their are a few simple steps of preparation you need to do first!

Know your Customer

This is a critical step for building a successful online business as without customers you don’t have a business! Customers are what you are looking for from all the ‘traffic’ that may arrive at your online business.Know Your Customer

Traffic are people in online business speak, it’s similar to all the people in cars and buses that driven past a high street shop. Some people may stop at look and a handful may come inside and become a customer.

Although generating traffic for your online business is the goal of this article, it’s generating the right traffic that is important, and the best way to generate the right traffic is to know your customer.

Customer Profiling

Who are the customers for your business? This is the question that needs to be answered in as much detail as possible. In order to help you determine your customer profile I am going to provide you with a number of questions that you will need to answer in as much detail as possible.

  1. Are your customers male or female or both?
  2. Are you customers married, separated, single or divorced?
  3. Where do your customers work?
  4. What are the job titles of your customers?
  5. What income bracket are your customers in?
  6. What are your customers interests?
  7. What newspapers do your customers read?
  8. What television channels do your customers watch?
  9. Which social media sites do your customers visit?
  10. Which groups or pages do your customers follow?
  11. What are your customers highest values?
  12. How many children do you customers have?
  13. What are the challenges that your customers face?
  14. How will your products or services help your customers overcome the challenges?
  15. What are the potential buyer objections to your products and services?
  16. What problems do your products and services solve?
  17. Why should a buyer purchase from you?

In order to answer the above mentioned questions you will need to make an educated guess. If, you have lots of available money you could engage a market research company to compile this data for you.

The method I use is to imagine somebody I know who I see as a potential customer for my online business and then I work through each question and imagine the answers they would give.

Group Of Related PeopleOnce you have identified the types of people you would like as your customers you can start considering their problems and issues and how your products or services will take away the pain.

For example, if you were in the Health and Fitness market you may have a niche product aimed at eliminating belly fat. By considering your customer profile you have decided that you will be targeting – middle aged males (40 to 55 yrs) who are employed in sedentary middle management jobs earning about $40k to $60k per year. Their problems are an unattractive waist line, a reduced sex drive and a lack of time to exercise.

Armed with this type of information you would now be able to write social media posts, create adverts, or select keywords targeted at these specific potential customers.

These targeted people are the right type of traffic for your products and therefore they are more like to stop on your post, advert or website and become a customer.

Generating Traffic

There are typically two types of traffic – organic traffic and paid for traffic.

Organic traffic is the free traffic that comes across your website or social media post from a search they have conducted in either a search engine like Google or a social media site like Twitter.

Paid Traffic on the other hand comes from targeted adverting that you have bought in the form banner ads, pay per click views etc.

In my experience organic traffic are less likely to be warm buyers as they are just researching at this stage whereas paid for traffic is much more likely to buy as they will have clicked on an advert to find out if the product meets their need.

This is why it is important when placing adverts that you have do your customer profiling. If, you are advertising products to the wrong customer group you will be wasting your money,

For example, using my belly fat product as an example, targeting males and female in their 20’s is unlikely to achieve many sales, but it will waste the advertising budget!

Know your customer to generate the right trafficHappy Customer

Therefore, the secret to generating the right traffic for your online business is understanding your potential customers.

Don’t ignore the organic traffic, if you continue to provide valuable advice and resources on your website they will keep returning to find out more and eventually they will become customers as well.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions about generating traffic, or you would like to make a comment, please use the box below.

Malcolm Priestner

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