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Hi everyone, I’m Malcolm Priestner

Welcome to my website Home Business Online. The purpose of my website is to help those people who would like to start and build a successful online business from the comfort of their own home.

During my career as an employee I often thought about starting my own business, but in many ways, I was trapped in my job as I had become reliant on the regular income.

This is not the situation today! As it has never been easier to start and build a successful business alongside regular employment.

How is it possible? – build an Online business!

With over three billion people, and growing, using the internet on a daily basis there is a huge potential customer base for your online business opportunity.

You can start an online business with little money and you only need to spend a few hours a week to get your business up and running.

It is now fairly straightforward to start a business from home spending just a few hours a week to:

  • Create some additional income
  • Create an income equivalent to your current monthly income

It is perfectly possible by spending some more time and scaling the business to produce a monthly income that matches your current annual salary!

Would you like to earn your annual salary every month?

With the effective use of websites and social media it is perfectly feasible to build a successful business with no money, no stock, no premises and very low risk.

However, before I discuss some of the options available for starting an online business I’ll give you a little bit on background information about me.

I finally left the employment trap after a successful career spanning some forty years. During my career I worked a business analyst and business architect helping companies grow their business by making the best use of modern technologies.

I have a passion for technology and that is why I enjoy the challenge of building businesses online using the internet and social media.

I would like to share with you my experiences of what I have found to work when building an online business and the things I would suggest that you avoid. Once you enter the online business world you will be overwhelmed with the ‘next best thing’ offers and it easy to become distracted and head off in the pursuit of another great idea.

Once you have decided which type of online business you would like to develop you must stay focused and build patiently as this is your best route to a sustainable reliable income.

About this website

My primary aim with this website is to help people who believe there is more to life than working for a living. I would like to help people who feel they have got trapped in the job rut. I know how that feels I was there myself for many years!

There will be information on the site that will help you decide it is time to make a change and live the life you desire. My new motto is:

Work Less Live More – would you like to do the same?

I will not be trying to persuade you to sign up for any ‘get rich quick schemes’ for me they are unsustainable and rarely work.

Therefore, if you are interested in building a business, which will take time and effort, then you have found the right site.

I will be providing information about:

  • Business start-up – formation, accounting, branding, logo’s, niche, etc.
  • Business planning and strategy – the foundation of any business
  • Online marketing and how to use social media
  • Website design and development
  • Business systems and automation that you can use at home!
  • Automated sales techniques using ladders and funnels!
  • How to, ‘help and guidance’ for setting up the essential software
  • Ideas, tips and tricks for expanding your online business

I want to help you take a short-cut through the mass of information you will come across as you search the internet and save you from the ‘latest fad syndrome’ by making recommendations on the best was to succeed at every level when starting and optimising your own successful online business.

Therefore, I must point out in the interests of transparency that I have included links to particular products that I will earn an affiliate commission. This will not affect your purchase in any was. However, the affiliate commission will help me to continue to test products and maintain this website.

By continuing to develop my website I hope to be able offer you support on the possibilities that exist to build a success online business in practically any field, but please understand I also do this as a for-profit business and I will encourage you to do the same with your own website.

Please visit my FaceBook Page where you can like and follow me. If you would like to contact me, please feel free to send me a message using FaceBook Messenger.

Regards and best wishes

Malcolm Priestner

Founder of Home Business World

Malcolm Priestner

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